Reddit, a portal aimed at everything interesting that happens today. it’s like reading a newspaper, except it’s more interactive, personalized, and participatory. Reddit is one of the most fantastic and dynamic internets. People constantly share links to pages, sites, services, current affairs news, and everything they find on the internet useful.

Posts are voted and commented by users who are attentive to everything that appears. The most popular publications appear on the front page or front page of the service, but we can look for them only in the categories that interest us. Reddit is useful for all those who are looking for something new and useful on the internet or for those who want to be attentive and give our opinion on current news.

Also, for those of us who publish and share content as it is an excellent way to give this more dissemination and reach. Reddit is an internet service that functions as a news aggregator or social bookmarking site. Users share and suggest links to web pages and articles. If there is still no forum for the topic, you can create a subreddit yourself. Contributions may be made by a link or by text.

Members can vote and debate on the links sent and for or against comments from other users. Publications with a large number of votes are shown on the main page of the service. It works through links that users publish, whether blog posts, images, or videos, which, other users vote negatively or positively if the impact is positive you can see reflected on the main page, which is where the most exciting thing that people are viewing at the moment is shown.

If Google is the place you go to for information, then Reddit is the place you go to see the exciting things other people have found. The name comes from the English phrase “Read it,” which means “I’ve read it,” as in “I’ve read it in Reddit”; basically, that’s what you’ll say to your friends when they show you something if you spend a lot of time there.

The links are classified by subreddits, subcategories that allow the links to be organized by thematic areas. The good thing about Reddit is that, apart from its thematic classification, it offers content classified by its level of social popularity. In this way, you can easily find content that is already trending on social networks or content that is emerging as trending, which is generating controversy or that is new to Reddit, among other parameters. Because Reddit doesn’t have editors, you’ll never know what you’re up against, but you can bet it will be fun or interesting or enraging because thousands of people have already voted for it.

If your interest goes to politics, to programming, to the world of sport, to Funny images or news, there are sections that focus only on those topics; and surely there will be sections for the city, country or region where you live. Each “subreddits” works in the same way as the home page, that is, a constantly updated list of cool things according to the interests of subscribers and subscriber users.