25 Games for Family Fun

Games, games and more games simple, fast and do not require many preparations to spend fun times playing as a family. Games to play in moments of waiting, on tabletops, summer afternoons, car trips … You’ll love them!

Creating moments of connection and family play is much simpler than you think. Enough to feel like playing, connecting and sharing.

If you feel like this, magic arises alone. Well, and if you have ideas in mind, the better. And that’s where I went to throw you a cable and remind you of very simple games that you played in your childhood and some other vintage or own tuning.

The interesting thing is that the atmosphere of belonging and well-being that the game generates when it is shared as a family is created, generating links for life.

These games that I share are designed to play at any time and are also ideal for those waiting moments (during a trip, waiting for the bus, in the doctor’s office, in a restaurant …), in a desktop (we do it during the year while we eat dinner dessert and we can spend time with the whole family together enjoying the games), or at any time you feel like it.

Let’s start!


You can remember those of your childhood, ask your older children to remember the ones they have learned in school or have a riddle book for children on hand . If you have a book, it can be the perfect excuse for older children to read in an entertaining way!

The Broken Phone

Do you remember this game? In a circle, the one who starts says to the one next to the ear a phrase that will go from person to person until the last one that will say what he has understood. Laughs assured!

Stunted Stories

Create stories from the stanzas that each participant adds in turns. You can complicate it if everyone has to remember and repeat the whole story and add their part at the end.

Start With …

Another classic that is not the “I see I see” but is about saying words that begin with the letter such or, the version for the little ones, things that are of the color or material.


It is a visual hiding place. Ask whoever catches you to observe the room where you are and when it is finished, leave it. Those who remain must decide to hide an object that is visible. Upon entering the one who catches the room must discover the missing object.

Animals in the Farm

Everyone with their eyes tightly closed must imitate a farm animal aloud by counting 3. We open our eyes and each one has to discover which animal and who made it from each of the group. The funny thing is to distort the voice so that it costs more to recognize us.

Collective Drawing

With a blank paper the first draws a line, the next continues the drawing along that line and so each one continues in turns until we consider that the drawing is finished. I advise that each one has a different color so we can recognize our part of the drawing and it will be much more colorful. Simple but very funny.

Rock Paper and Scissors

I don’t think I need to explain it to you

Table Football

Ideal for tabletops and play two by two. The glasses or other objects will be the goal and some plug, sheet or any other small thing that slips easily will make the ball. The players will be our fingers that will throw the ball in 3 touches to the opposite goal.

Everybody Up

A fun team game where we have to get up all at once. We start all sitting in a circle on the floor, we link our arms and up all at once. It is not easy, especially when there are differences in heights but there is the challenge!

Hairy Spider

It is a catcher only that the catcher can not leave the line drawn or imaginary, which separates the two areas of the playing field. This line is the spider web through which the rest of the players have to pass from one field to another without being caught. The players have to ask the spider: “Hairy spider, can I come in?” And if the spider says yes, it is when we have to cross. If we get caught, we become a spider that helps catch without leaving the line.

Tongue Twister

Just like riddles it is one of our favorite games for any time. Refresh what you already know and show them to the children or get yourself children’s books of tongue twisters to laugh for a while.

The Shortest Stick

A classic too. You can do it with any stick, toothpicks, straws you find. Prepare as many sticks of different sizes as people play. Put them all in one hand hiding part of the stick. Make sure that the visible parts are at the same height. Each player takes one and wins the one that gets the shortest stick!

Jokes for Kids

Another game that we are fond of and that is putting our memory to the test are children’s jokes. It can be told by a particular person but then the round of jokes arises. And if you want your children to read, I also recommend that you have a children’s joke book at home or in the car. A pleasant way to stimulate reading.

Silent Songs

Ideal to go with the children in the car !! It’s about choosing a song that everyone knows and starting to sing them out loud. One has to be the conductor of the orchestra who will give a signal for everyone to continue singing but in silence and will give another signal to continue singing loudly. The funny thing is that when the song resumes, you should all be singing the same part but you will see what messes are created.

Invented Couplets.

It is about making an invented verse from a word that emerges. Everyone can make their own or create one among all in turns.
One, two, three, itches wall or English hiding place. It seems to me that I don’t need to explain it to you, right?

Let’s Play in the Forest

It’s about making a run by the hand and a person plays a wolf. Those in the corro are singing the song “Let’s play in the forest while the wolf is” and the wolf answers its part. When the wolf is ready, it will catch people in the ring. Whoever catches will become the wolf. A game that kids love!

Who I Am?

It’s fun to play with a large group of people. One covers his eyes and in front of him puts a person who has to guess who he is just touching his face. Another person may ask who am I? so that the voice gives off and the game is more sensory.

Adding License Plates

Ideal to go in the car and for children who already begin to add. It’s about selecting a car license plate and retaining the numbers. With them, numerical combinations of sums (or multiplications as appropriate) will be created, trying to achieve the combination that gives the highest number.

Chained words

The idea is to chain words in turns where the word has to start with the last letter or syllable (if you want to make it more difficult) of the word you just said.

Words Backwards

Say a word of two syllables but with the order reversed (LOR-CA = CA-LOR) and the children have to guess what word it is. It is as simple as repeating many syllables many times and fast so that the hidden word appears. You will see how they keep searching and trying words like that themselves.

Human Knot

Fun also to play with many people. One person leaves the room and the rest forms a ring that has to intermingle without separating the hands, creating a human knot. Once the knot is made, the person outside passes and must try to slide the knot without letting go of their hands.

Sensory Bag

Take different objects that you find nearby or the treasures of nature that have been brought to you and you are sure to carry them in your bag. Put them in an opaque bag and ask each child to put his hand. Without looking, just with touch, you have to guess what object it is. A sensory game that you can simplify by teaching the objects you are going to hide before.

Drawing Stories

It is something that we love and that at home is the game par excellence of the smallest. On a blank sheet a person tells a story and draws it at the same time, leaving at the end a drawing of the story told. We also make the cooperative version where we all draw parts or else we also have stamps as I told you in «How to create stories for children and stimulate creativity».

I hope you liked them and, above all, that they help you have a very pleasant time with your family. Think that with these simple and fast games we generate unique and intimate moments of family play, moments that generate very important and necessary links to build healthy, loving and true relationships between the members.

And you see, they are so simple that you can do them almost without needing anything, just the desire to share with them. And so that they do not forget you, you can print this sheet that I have made for you, so that you can carry it in your bag, store in the car, suitcase or hook it in the fridge and go testing and finding those with which you most like to play