The hilarious animal portraits – The animal world can be entertaining. You just have to look at it from a “more human” perspective to see that this is true.

Imagining what our pets are thinking is an activity that everyone who loves animals has done on more than one occasion. And it’s hilarious to “voice” acts that probably have little or nothing to do with reality.

Today we are going to show you a few pictures of animals with their hilarious comments. Some are what you might be thinking, while others are simply a small appreciation of what happens.

Animals can be tender, wild, noisy, and fearsome. And they can also be hilarious. Therefore, once a year, nature photographers gather the funny images they have obtained and share them with a world eager to enjoy an animal comedy.

  1. I haven’t been

This bird successfully implements the old strategy of ” if I look the other way, you can’t scold me.” You are lucky that the photographer Tom Stables not to teach him, the instant his pedestal with legs that do not have the paint to go with serious attitude.

  1. It’s hard to be happy

The most likely thing is that this owl is dead of cold, wrinkling itself, covering itself to the peak, to prevent wind gusts from freezing his ideas. But give peace, look at that bird smile satisfied with the world! Yes, this is the magic of photography, a Filon for photographers like Edward Kopeschn.

  1. I have Liao Brown!

The mercies are friendly mammals living in the low mountains of Africa. As they are very friendly, they do not hesitate to put all their trust in the hands of a few watchmen who warn the group of potential threats. Of course, sometimes they can make mistakes. Only the author, Brigitta Moser, knows the truth behind this image.

  1. You can only be one

The climax of some of the best action films has taken place after a bare fistfight on the edge of a cliff. It’s an unoriginal scene; even ants can think of it, as Usman Priyona’s snapshot shows.

  1. What magazines don’t tell

Nature photographers have many techniques that allow them to get closer to their portrayals. Among them is hiding the camera and shooting from a distance, or mimicking themselves with the gadget in their hands. Then they select the best photos, the most epic. Thank you, Mary Swaby, for showing us the puffs in their true self!

  1. The thief!

Kangaroos have thick, stone-hard skin. These animals don’t need umbrellas. It remains to be concluded that photographer Rosario Cordoba has captured an ugly behavior in Kangaroos. Don’t ever trust Kangaroos again.

  1. Hippies of the XXI century

Some fashions are late and fashions that are very late. In the case of wasps, it seems that the flowers in the hair, so typical of the hippy Nebula, arrive half a century late. At least they look good in this picture of Murray McCulloch.