Where the heck ARE you guys, anyway?

We were formerly down on W. 6th Ave, but have moved uptown to the Tower Press Building at 1900 Superior Avenue, at the corner of Prospect and 19th Avenue. We’re across from the Plain Dealer Building and a block down from the police station.

So where am I supposed to park now?

There is free parking in the fenced in parking lot behind the building. Additionally there is free parking during shows on Superior directly in front of the building.

Can I get dinner at your place?

We do not serve food directly at Something Dada. Artefino, the coffee shop in the Tower Press Building, does serve sandwiches and desserts, along with coffee drinks. Additionally, we are right around the corner from Becky’s, a bar and grill at 1762 E. 18th with the best pierogies and burgers in town.

Are you guys still BYOB? If not, can I buy drinks there?

Currently, we do not have a liquor license, and we are not BYOB. Coffee drinks are available through Artefino, and we have soft drinks for sale in the theater. If you wish to get a drink before or after the show, we highly recommend Becky’s, right around the corner at 1762 E. 18th.

How much are tickets?

A laughable $10 per person.

How can I make reservations?

By clicking here or calling us at 216-696-4242.

I have an Entertainment Book coupon for your old location, will you accept it?


I won a free ticket to Dada from your old location. Will you accept that?


I have a 6-for-6 card I never completed from your old location. Will you accept that?


I won a golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Will you accept that?

Absolutely not.